Knights in Action for the Cause

The Knights of Columbus provide an established structure for making Father McGivney’s spirituality well known. Since he is the Knight's virtuous founder, it is not surprising that as his cause for canonization advances, Knights increasingly turn to him as an intercessor.

Each March 29, thousands of Knights of Columbus and their family members take part in Founder’s Day Masses and services acknowledging Father McGivney as the source of their active lay fraternity. In August, at Masses held in conjunction with Knights of Columbus Family Day, they remember his death at age 38 on Aug. 14, 1890. At all of their regular business meetings, Knights say the Prayer for Canonization of Father McGivney. They also make up a majority of the more than 140,000 members of the Father McGivney Guild, which serves as the official clearinghouse for information about Father McGivney.

The many letters received by the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild concerning prayer petitions and answered prayers, attest to the popular devotion that K of C families ascribe to their Order’s founder. An example of typical fraternal devotion is a letter from the wife of a Knight from Tulsa, Okla., who invoked Father McGivney’s intercession.  She prayed daily for the intention that her husband would find a job requiring less travel.  Her prayers were answered.  She later gave her reason for invoking Father McGivney’s intercession, saying, “Father McGivney has had an impact on people who want their employment to strengthen their life as a Christian family, for fathers wanting to spend more time with their children.”