From the Vice Postulator

Articles by Dominican Father Gabriel B. O’Donnell, vice postulator of the cause of Father Michael J. McGivney and director of the Father Michael J. McGivney Guild; most are from Columbia magazine.

12/2010 A Giant of Catholic Life

The Church beatifies or canonizes a man or woman for who one is rather than for what one does. Still, in the history of the Church there are outstanding “doers” who leave their mark on ecclesial life in a dramatic way. Father McGivney, in founding the Knights of Columbus, became one such giant of Catholic life.

9/2010 Returning to the Foundation

The life and work of Venerable Father Michael J. McGivney is a witness to the truth that one can be happy and enjoy a rich life of union with God even when deprived of material necessities. The hope and confidence in God that he brought to those entrusted to his pastoral care came from his faith. The same should be true for each of us.

6/2010 Crisis

These days, a typical remark made by Catholics to their priests concerns the current world situation. The political tensions and divisions seem to sharpen, and the brouhaha over the health care bill seriously raised the bitterness quotient among some Americans.

5/2008   Above and Beyond: A Man Worthy of Veneration

Most of us don’t use the term “venerable” on a daily basis. When Father Michael J. McGivney was given the title “Venerable Servant of God” by the Holy See, the obvious question was raised, just what does this mean?