McGivney Home for Mothers

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A transitional residence for pregnant women that is named for the Order’s founder was opened in August in Chicago, with major financial backing from Illinois Knights. Housed in a former convent of three floors and 26 bedrooms, the Father Michael J. McGivney Center of Hope and Healing is now home for eight women, three of whom delivered their babies in September.

“As we see it, this is continuing the work of Father McGivney, helping women and children in need,” said the McGivney Center’s president, Theresa Pietruszynski, wife of Illinois Past State Deputy Joseph Pietruszynski. “We like to view this as a home for life, where pregnant women have a place to go.”

The state and local councils contributed more than $100,000 to the project. The new center houses women and their children for up to 36 months, before and after giving birth, and connects them to educational, vocational and social service networks, so they can leave the facility with work and child-care skills.

The goal is to open similar homes in Illinois’ other five dioceses, Pietruszynski said. For more information: