Last August I had to change jobs within my company. I prayed to Father McGivney to help me and I received a position much better suited to my age – 76. I owe this favor and many more to Father McGivney. - G.J.W., Las Vegas


My wife had not been to confession in over 10 years. I had been praying to Father McGivney for this intention. In March we were on vacation in Florida and heard a missionary priest speak on this sacrament. Father McGivney brought my wife back to this. - B.B.R, London, Ont.


Two years ago, after 29 years of steady employment, I lost my job. In less than 10 months I lost two other jobs as well. I was unemployed for six months and gave up hope that I'd work again. I turned to Father McGivney for aid, asking friends and family to pray with me. A friend and I also made a pilgrimage to Father McGivney's tomb at St. Mary's in New Haven. I am happy to report that I have been steadily employed for the last four months. I credit Father McGivney's intercession for this. – W.A.N. Huntington, N.Y.


I have received a number of favors through Father McGivney's intercession. It was through his intercession that my son successfully passed his Air Force pilot exam and my nephew passed his state dentistry exam. In addition, I was able to give an effective oral presentation during a critical design review at my place of employment. Thanks to Father McGivney's intercession all three of us have been able to overcome great difficulties and will be able to pursue our chosen careers. – Y.D., Zanesville, Ohio


In November of last year my wife broke out in four large red painful and itchy spots encircling her middle. The doctor's diagnosis was shingles. I began to pray to Father McGivney asking that this condition not worsen. By the end of the week as the medication finished not one more spot had appeared and the pain was gone. I have great faith in Father McGivney and continue to pray to him as I have in the past when I had several operations for prostate cancer. We are grateful for all of our blessings. – A.D.A., Cheshire, Conn.