Father McGivney's Intercession

When an individual becomes a candidate for sainthood, there is a natural tendency to begin to call upon that person for help. By seeking favors through the intercession of the Venerable Servant of God Father Michael J. McGivney, the faithful acknowledge that he is among the friends of God. Father McGivney’s intercession is a confirmation of his status in eternity. Favors received through his intercession are signs of God’s love manifested through the holiness of Father McGivney’s life.

In the most remarkable cases, such favors are miraculous interventions: a spontaneous healing from a terminal illness, the restoration of a lost power or sense such as sight or hearing, or even the regeneration of a limb.

Reports of less dramatic favors come regularly to the Father McGivney Guild. These are signs of Father McGivney’s powerful intercession before God and indications that his cause should go forward. God is indeed using him as an instrument of his mercy and love, as was the case when he was here on earth. Father McGivney continues his work of charity and intercession from his place in eternity. Here are some examples:

From a laid off family man who found a new job: "To me, Father McGivney is the patron of the working family … and I am most grateful for his intercession."

From a cancer patient: "Nine days after the surgery, I was part of a parish trip to New Haven and St. Mary’s Church. As we all gathered around Father McGivney’s sarcophagus and the pastor led us in prayer, I felt a warmth come across my chest. Later that month, my pathology report showed everything was clean."

The Guild helps members by providing spiritual tools for invoking Father McGivney’s intercession. Among these are:


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